The SOMP AGM 2010 conference - Innovation in Mining will be hosted by Department of Mining of Tallinn University of Technology.

Program will contain conference presentations, poster sessions, SOMP Council and Committees meetings, workshops and will end with guided tours to Estonian oil shale mining district.

Interview with Michael Karmis, Virginia Tech, USA

Michael Karmis, Virginia Tech, USA
From Committee meetings and welcome coctail 18.06.2010, SOMP AGM 2010, Estonia

"Mining has to be innovational because the conditions have changed tremendously and new technologies are needed. Secondly environmental considerations nowadays, so you have to be really innovative how you mine to minimize the impact. Thirdly you have the issue of safety, which requires a lot of new and innovative techniques."

What should we change in mining education in order to provide the best specialists for the industry?

"I believe on the broad aspects of education rather than specialized, so I would say a strong engineering program, meaning courses outside the mining but still in engineering is fundamental to create a good engineer and the specialization would come in work practice or post graduate degrees."

Could you please define the word mining engineer?

"Mining engineer to me is the engineer who can do it all at the mine site, meaning he has a knowledge of the processes in all aspects of mining and he can handle that without being overly specialized. Does that make sense?!"

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