The SOMP AGM 2010 conference - Innovation in Mining will be hosted by Department of Mining of Tallinn University of Technology.

Program will contain conference presentations, poster sessions, SOMP Council and Committees meetings, workshops and will end with guided tours to Estonian oil shale mining district.

Interview with Ludger Rattmann, RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Mining Engineering I, Germany

Ludger Rattmann, RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Mining Engineering I, Germany
From 2nd day of SOMP AGM 2010, Tallinn, Estonia, 19.06.2010

How is the conference so far?

"It was brilliant and awesome. One point of criticism is (but it’s also a small point): the program is very dense. A little bit more of spare time between the sessions and the evening events...

How do you like Estonia?

"I like it very much! Actually it’s my first time in Estonia but we are also involved in theisEMC program and we heard from our students when they are in Helsinki they always take the ferry, they go to Estonia and they really enjoy it. It was one of the reasons why I came here, to see Tallinn and Estonia and to see these oil shale operations."

Would you like to live here or work?

"That's a good question. The thing is that I have a family at home so that sometimes makes these decisions a little bit complicated because it’s not only my decision it's decision of the whole family. I would say that at the moment I’m not able to move."

What should we change in mining education in order to provide the best specialists for the industry?

"That’s a good guestion. I would say that this European Mining Course, that’s an almost optimum setup of mining education. We have four partner universities, we take a group of 20 students, not more and we send them around for academic year. So they stay two month at each university, that’s a very dense program. But I would say that such an international cooperation that should be part of every mining program in the world."

What’s the most unique thing in Estonian mining?

"The oil shale operations! You are world leader and oil is a big topic at the moment and the from a presentation from the first session I know the costs of producing one barrel from oil shale are lower than the cost of producing one barrel in the gulf of Mexico. That should be very interesting for the people in the States."

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